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FRIDAY FUNBLAST: Help Us Ben Nwobodo, You're Our Only Hope!
April 29, 2022

You thought I was done writing to pursue my career as a star podcaster? Ha! No microphone alone can contain all of the takes within this head. Come inside and become part of the Chief Crew if you dare.

The Chief
POSTCAST EP. 9: The Magic (And Open Bar) of the Open Cup
April 21, 2022

Open Cup, Atlanta United, highlights from a failed attempt at recording an episode, and new designated player talk!

The PostCast
POSTCAST EP. 8: We whiff spectacularly on breaking transfer news & FCC's "first employee" Dan McNally
April 14, 2022

You want transfer rumors? We talk about 'em. You want breaking transfer news? We fail miserably attempting to get it after FC Cincinnati teases a new signing mid-recording. Dan McNally joins the pod to talk about his life in soccer and being an FC Cincinnati employee since Day 1.

The PostCast
Source: What in the Niche Hell Are We Doing?
April 8, 2022

There’s not enough days in this life to spend one extra moment doing anything but loving the beautiful game for what it is. Let’s figure out how to do away with the petty nonsense. Where is the rot and how can we cut it out?

Jonah Lion Radio
April 8, 2022

Remember when we were on a winning streak? That was fun. But, if you're going to be on a losing streak, at least be on an entertaining losing streak -- like losing to an expansion team in the middle of a medical controversy and then on the sad side of a 7 goal thriller, right? That's still fun. Or Fun-ish. Certainly worth blasting about!

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