It’s hard out here for an independent FC site. Between 9 to 5’s and brutal online wars, staying on top of the team’s palace intrigue gets exponentially more difficult. Those are excuses though, and obviously The Post is not above criticism. In fact, we lean into the critiques and occasional pot shots thrown our way. So before the 2022 season truly takes flight, let’s take a look at last season while we rate and decide if we leaned more towards embarrassing rumor mongering, or local bastion of trust. (links included)

Kyle Scott 

The Post unnecessarily hedged a little with our verbiage here: “believed to be pursuing.” This was the first mention of Kyle Scott coming stateside, and the first instance of a British publication using and abusing the scoop via e-mail. “Let me get back to you” turned into “I’m getting the info and writing an article about it without hitting you back.” It’s a dirty game out there folks. Clearly this RUMOR came to fruition, but the hedging must be acknowledged.
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: 8.8/10

Chris Albright

Albright was rumored for as long as the job had been open, so skeptics may call this a ‘no duh’ kind of scoop. Well if everyone knew, they should have Twoted it out themselves, ya know? This bad boy was a stone cold lock, and the accompanying article to go with the Tweet might have calmed some people’s nerves as to its validity.
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: 9.8/10

Jeff Berding

Jeff is lead benefactor of The Post and all staff members, so it’s obvious why we were first to this story. I did see some nitpickers take issue with specific verbiage we used, and attempt to fight a semantics battle that only made them look stupid. People might hate The Post, but they know our Jeff scoops are LOCKS.
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: 10/10


Many will point to Clayton as a glaring miss for The Post, as the words “advanced negotiations” imply that there are negotiations, and they are advanced. I’m not here to explain how the sausage gets made when it comes to world football, but it can be disturbing. Clayton almost seems like a fictional character at this point. Sure there’s footage of him playing and he’s been signed to large clubs in the past, but to me he is an avatar for the silly part of silly season. If we truly wanted to, The Post could make up absurd player rumors all the time to generate more impressions on Tweets. But why? We aren’t getting paid for engagement here folks, nor for anything else. Sometimes you’re just the bun for the sausage and THAT’S OK! Clayton was a joy for all involved and it’s time you admit that…
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: 5.3/10


You forgot about this one didn’t you? Brenner took just about everyone by surprise besides The Post; a young Brazilian with interest (The Athletic challenges the validity of this statement) from teams across Europe. But he came to The FC! Not only that, he was revealed by the part time staff at the lowly Post. That one had to sting some people, but if you don’t put your ear to the ground you’ll never hear the babbling brook. 
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: 10/10

Lucho Acosta

If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it… The second biggest signing of last season was adding mini-magician Lucho Acosta from Liga MX. Not only did everyone rightfully take our word for this one, they all already knew! RIGHT!? I was just glad we could break the awkward silence around the signing and let the discourse begin en masse. Honestly what's the point of being first anymore? First is a state of mind. The only thing that makes me truly feel things at this point are #SpiteScoops.
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: 10/10

Orange Kit

Fans have long desired an orange kit for the MLS squad. In November we were able to calm the  nerves of our beloved city and say YES, it is coming. From what we’ve gazed at with our own weary eyes, it is orange orange and has some other things as well. Take that to the bank, and maybe take a second look at that Bored Ape Gary NFT. People who believe we are attached to Berdo’s hip can’t help but believe this one is a straight fact.
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: 10/10

Dennis te Kloese

Even if there was zero smoke here, the thought of us bringing in another Dutch guy would have been too hard to resist. But alas fair maiden, smoke there was. Fans were led to believe that The FC turned over every stone in MLS looking for a possible GM, so it stands to reason Dennis got a sniff. It's also been independently confirmed that Kloese does not have a personal agent. Something to chew on...
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: 8.4/10

VDW Got a Greencard

Would be a weird thing to make up ya know?
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: 10/10


Everyone and their uncle knew this was about to happen, but without any ties to the club (wait what about JEFF?!) we had no reason NOT to drop this.
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: oh come on we all knew this…

Premier Partnerships Litigation Settlement
Fucking nailed this.
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: fucking off the charts man

TQL Stadium

One of those tweets we don’t deserve credit for, but hey, it’s right there. TQL stadium WAS announced eventually and we all get to collectively celebrate our favorite local mom and pop company! Honestly we should have flipped a coin between P&G and TQL for this Tweet. Worth the risk IMHO.
The Post Trustworthiness Scale: 5.7/10


Just know it was a good one and I hate you.

Pretty exciting season in scoopsville if I may say so myself. People won’t believe it, but I’ve got a folder of graphics from leads we never ran with. We are capable of journalistic integrity from time to time. If I had to give The Post an unbiased trustworthiness grade, I’m going 9.9/10. What do you think? Comment down below! Keep refreshing til the comment section appears. Don’t give up. It’s there.