After watching “Nonstop Flight” the other week, the next logical jump is to flip this tale into a major motion picture. If the story of FC Cincinnati is as engrossing as it seems to be to Cincinnatians, what’s to stop it from being the next “Social Network” or “Hoosiers?” With that in mind, join us as we cast the major roles for FCC: The Movie…

Tom Hanks as Carl Lindner III
If you want instant credibility for your picture, there’s nowhere better to start than Hanks. Tom has proven time and time again that he is the man to bring real life characters to the silver screen. Whether it’s Sully Sullenberger, or Fred Rodgers, Hanks might be the only actor alive to turn Carl Lindner into a three dimensional character.

Vince Vaughn as Jeff Berding

Known more for his comedic chops, Vince Vaughn has also convincingly played more serious roles in his career. He’ll have to tap deep into his ‘method acting’ well for this part, as it’s the most meaty part in the script. This has Oscar buzz written all over it.

Colin Farrell as John Harkes

Colin is known for getting every ounce of emotion out of his characters, and he’ll need that as the partying play caller Harkes. The backroom blowups between him and the FO are pure red meat for an actor of his caliber. The firing scene will undoubtedly become a classic moment.

Jordan Peele as Max Ellerbe

FCC would be nothing without it’s fans, so it’s only right that tinsel town hires a multi talented actor/director/creator like Jordan Peele to play Barley persona Max Ellerbe.

Jake Paul as Jimmy McLaughlin
The OG of FCC has seen it all. Youthful exuberance slowly turning to knowing wisdom. Who better to play those subtle nuances than internet all star Jake Paul?

Ethan Hawke as Alan Koch 

Chiseled features matched with an oft-confused brain? Ethan Hawke was born for this role. Channeling the same energy as “Reality Bites”, Ethan has to navigate the highs and lows mixed with off field drama that was the Alan Koch reign. 

Michael B Jordan as Djiby Fall

It had to be a young Hollywood mega star to fill the shoes of Djiby. Who better than Creed himself to tackle the goal scoring, fake barfing supernova that was Djiby Fall.

Catherine O’Hara as Meg Whitman
From Home Alone to Schitt’s Creek, Catherine has made America laugh for years. This time she’ll play the quick witted, wise cracking new minority owner of FCC. 

Triple H as Ron Jans
The dramatic third act sees the entrance and quick exit of Dutch uncle Ron Jans. Taking that same Monday night Raw energy and putting it towards award season glory is Triple H. Nobody nails an accent like him, and people will be absolutely astounded at him in this role.

JK Simmons as Don Garber
The intimidating force of nature that is Donny Garber can only be captured with a “Whiplash” level performance from Oscar winner JK Simmons. The expansion presentation in New York will take on new levels of drama with him in the role.