With just over four days remaining until The FC and CF (née Impact) Montreal are set to kick off this weekend, the location of the match remains in limbo. Reports out of Montreal indicate that the team, which resumed training in Canada last week, was hoping to recieve approval for the match to be played in Montreal.

Follow up reporting would later indicate the possibility existed for a crowd of between 3,000 and 5,000 spectators at Saputo Stadium were the match to be held in Canada. The potential of a return to Canadian soil for MLS soccer tracks with activity from The FC, which sent 4 of its most recent international signings to New York City this Monday for the purpose of obtaining travel visas to cross the border into Canada. It appears, however, that this process has hit something of a snag, with reports suggesting that The FC was experiencing visa-related delays.

As of right now, there has been no confirmation from Major League Soccer or Canada as to who may travel to matches. The recently-concluded NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs allowed for travel across the border, requiring players in Canada to be tested daily for COVID-19, travel via private plane, and remain in a quasi-lockdown / bubble at their hotel while staying in Canada. There has been no word if this will extend to Major League Soccer players, or if full-vaccinations will be required to avoid a quarantine entering the country (as is the case with normal people traveling to Canada on tourist visas under the select circumstances Canada is allowing visitors from the United States).

Much is riding on the decision regarding to where to stage this match, as The FC could find itself severely shorthanded between players facing visa issues and whoever on the team remains unvaccinated.

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