Major League Soccer has confirmed what The Post has privately believed for months: an expanded League's Cup tournament is coming! In this updated version of LC, every MLS and Liga MX (pronounced Em - Eckeez) team will participate during a month long pause in their respective leagues. With this open invite, FCC is gaining access to its first ever international tournament. How this affects Jaap Stam's future employment, with this happening during his regime, remains to be seen.

The winner of League's Cup gains instant entry to Concacaf Champions League round of 16. The next two places earn a lesser qualification. CCL has seemed out of reach for lowly FC as of yet, but with this new format and Cincinnati's history of tournament performance, a cinderella run doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility.

At the time this article was published, we had not heard back from team president Jeff Berding, or any other FO member on this announcement's impact. This is due to the fact The Post hasn't reached out to those individuals. We can only assume they're thrilled.

Stay close to The Post as we sift through all the information we can gather regarding this news.