Welcome to part one in The Post’s series “FCC Will Likely Sign One of THESE Players.” Today I'm focused in on European club targets. Get to know the players on this list, since the odds are extremely high you will be rooting for one of them this upcoming season.

I’ve picked attacking midfielders from across Europe who fit into a criteria of my own invention:
-Between roughly $1-10 million dollar valuation on TransferMarkt
-Contract doesn't go well beyond next season
-Is listed as an attacking MF
-Has the right vibe
- feels right 

Let’s start in the Dutch league!

Zakaria Labyad - $4.4 mil

27 year old Moroccan international is putting in work for Ajax, with a contract that expires in July of 2022. FCC will overpay for Labyad as he has been racking up the goals and assists this year. Why would they part with him? Well, we really want him and will pay a lot of money.

Oussama Tannane - $3.3 mil

Tannane is tearing it up for Vitesse and has a contract through summer of 2022 as well. The 26 year old (also Moroccan international) may want a move to the states because that’s something that people want sometimes. So why not?? FCC will overpay because the want and desire to make it happen is there.

Joao Carlos Teixeira - $2.2 mil

The Jaap Feyenoord connection might help get this deal over the line, and without a goal to his name this year, they may want to ship him out. The Portuguese u21’er (who is now 28) is starting only 33% of his team’s games this season, so a move to FCC could be just what the doctor ordered. 

Simon Gustafson - $2.6 mil

This dude’s pic is from another era. Love the tenacity. The 26 year old Swede is a bargain and would (I assume) relish a new opportunity in the States. 

Let’s move on to the Bundesliga!

Yunus Malli - $3 mil

A Former Turkish international, this 28 year old isn't getting any starting time with Wolfsburg. We have what he needs, and Malli could thrive in Jaap’s system (I don't know, couldn’t he?) making a move to Cincy a no brainer. Contract is up this year as well.

Marcel Hartel - $2.75 mil

Marcel is a fixture for Arminia Bielefeld but can’t seem to get on the scoresheet. FCC needs goals and this German is desperate to create them! Sign him up.

Daniel Didavi - $2.2 mil

The chiseled German may be 30, but he’s probably young at heart. Started about half the games for Stuttgart but has managed four assists and two goals. Extrapolate that to a full season with German loving FZZ, and you got yourself a match. Contract is up after this season and we know FZZ will pay a premium!

Jóan Símun Edmundsson - $715,000

This dude never starts. Get him out of there! It’s a bargain! Midwest is what the doctor is ordering.

Serie A time!

Filip Djuricic - $11 mil

Shock move for FCC to pick up the big Serbian. They’ll have to overpay massively cause I don’t know why he’d want to come here. But he’s in play, if you think about it.

Juan Brunetta - $5.5 mil

This young Argentine is for sure friends with Alvaro, so a connection on the pitch seems like a fool proof plan. From the looks of his contract this move seems impossible, but that’s what Gerard is here for. 

Amer Gojak - $4.95 mil

Haris can show this 23 year old Bosnian around the town when he arrives from Torino. He’s only starting a quarter of their games and will want a fresh start. A current loan with Zagreb makes this a headache for all involved, but FCC can push this one over the line. 

Kevin Agudelo - $3.85 mil

Kevin is sick of not getting the playing time he deserves in Italy, and with his value stagnating it is the right time to cross the pond. He will fit perfectly with Jaap’s formations and stuff.

Antonin Barak - $9.9 mil

This 26 year old has dreamed of European glory (I assume), but money talks! FCC can blow his pants off with an offer that will make the fanbase’s head spin. He’s also on loan so this would be a nightmare for the number crunchers and legal folks, but YOLO.

Valentin Eysseric - $880,000

The price is right and this Frenchman is ready to make a move! This one has legs folks.

Let’s head to Spain!

Franco Vazquez - $5.5 mil

This 31 year old Argentine is used only as a sub, and with the addition of Papu his time in Sevilla will be even more limited. Seems obvious a move to FCC is written in the stars. Guessing Gerard has talked to him more than once. It’s also possible he has not.

Borja Garcia - $1.56 mil

Borja is pure class (probably) and FCC may have to overpay since I’m guessing he likes being in Spain a whole lot. 

Off to France!

Gaël Kakuta - $8.8 mil

FCC isn’t playing around! Gael is a goal scoring machine for Lens, and there’s no way they’ll part with him for less than double digit millions. Meg (Quibi) and Carl will have to dig deep to make this happen, but I don’t see how GN doesn’t kick the tires on this move. 

Hatem Ben Arfa - $5.5 mil

Wait, THAT Ben Arfa? Yeah him. The mercurial midfielder has tantalized for years, but at 33 it’s time to settle down in Cincy. Can he still hack it? Well Bordeaux can’t keep him out of the starting eleven, so oui oui! FCC will make an offer too good to resist and he’ll say Bonjour to chili.

Tony Mauricio - $2.2 mil

Tony Ballz (as we will call him) is stuck on the bench currently, but at age 26 there is plenty of life left in those legs! A Jeff Berding zoom call with Tony Ballz' family might be the final piece to get this one done.

England? Let's…

Juan Mata - $8.35 mil

Imagine the calming influence on the FCC locker room? A very friendly guy. Would be a solid Papu plan B and fans would love to see this legend in orange and blue. This one is a no brainer for both sides. 

Percy Tau - $4.4 mil

What are the odds we are screwed by a Brighton player again? Has to be small. The South African’s contract expires next year and he’s only starting half their games. FCC will overpay to make this happen. 

Swiss league…

Samuele Campo - $1.1 mil

The FC Basel star can't seem to get on the pitch for his herbilicious team, but FC fans are already talking themselves into him. A new adventure in Ohio is just what the doctor ordered (have I said that already?). 

Austria? Yeah…

Christoph Knasmüllner - $1.3 mil

28 years old and banging home lots of goals. Contract ends next year and Rapid Vienna wanna get PAID! FCC has the money to seal this deal, and I think they will. They may also go a different direction.

Eliel Peretz - $880,000

He’s 24 and keeps (I would assume) getting better! I DON’T SEE WHY NOT! He’s also from Israel and probably loves Dekel (former FCC centerback). Can anyone tell me why we WOULDN’T we do this deal???

Alright FCC fans, feeling better now? Don't be surprised when one of these gents pops up on your Twitter feed in the coming weeks. Papu and Lincoln were fun diversions, but with this list most certainly on his laptop and phone, Gerard has a major signing within his grasp. Stay frosty for part two giving you the likely winter signing from the South American leagues.