News broke late Sunday that the FC is on the verge of signing USMNT and Queens Park Rangers CB/DM Geoff Cameron. Now, there are some valid concerns about Cameron’s age (although the team has not confirmed, I have learned from sources – Wikipedia – that Geoff will turn 36 years old this season) and cost (who cares, we won’t ever learn the contract details anyway). But a lot of fans have raised questions about Cameron’s personal and political beliefs, such as whatever motivated him to post this gem on his Instagram story:

Before you judge, remember that Geoff posted this a long time ago, and there was still a lot that we didn’t know about COVID early on. (What? He posted that in July 2020?) Well, everyone makes mistakes. Remember when Fauci said not to wear masks?

Although I’m an avowed leftist, when it comes to The FC I care about one thing: Whether a player has tried Skyline. But the second thing I would care about is whether the team is playing competitive soccer. And guess what? It’s not, and a big part of that is the quality of play in the center of defense.
So without further Freddy Adu, here are five reasons why Geoff Cameron is the right choice for FC Cincinnati.

5) He’s a clear upgrade over who we have

This should be the only reason we need, folks. Nick Hagglund has two own goals and one own assist, and he’s probably been our best center back this season. I’m as excited about Gustavo Vallecilla as anyone, but he’s been with the team like three days and is likely more of a long-term project than someone who can walk in and start immediately.

Cameron, on the other hand, should be in the Starting XI the moment he is eligible, and I don’t care if he hasn’t even practiced with the team yet. He started 31 games for QPR this season, and he was the team captain for most of those. No one else we have approaches his level.

4) He will annoy liberals

Some local commentators (who are probably still wearing masks outside “to set a good example”) directly called Cameron a racist, including comparisons to Marge Schott and Ron Jans.

Now, I don’t know what’s in the man’s heart (no one does, except our Lord and Savior Gary), but a quick perusal through Cameron’s Instagram reveals this post:

Obviously, anyone can post anything on social media, and it doesn’t make it sincere.

By the same token, anyone can wear a shirt to support women, queer, and BIPOC voices in sports, even if they work for a show that does not include a single one of those voices.

Racism is a legacy owned by all Americans, and you can’t get out of carrying your share by dumping it on Trump supporters. Trump was bad, of course, but if you ask me there’s a lot less daylight between Trump and your favorite president than you’d care to admit, and most of it is aesthetic.

I’ll also add that Geoff Cameron was the inaugural guest on The Crack podcast, which is hosted by Damarcus Beasley and Oguchi Onyewu and which frequently addresses racial issues in sports. If Gooch and Damarcus don’t mind having him around, then I think there needs to be stronger, specific evidence to write him off with an “ism.”
In any case, this signing is sure to make liberals mad online, and can’t we all agree that that’s a good thing?

3) Carl Lindner can help transition Cameron to his post-playing activities

So, this happened…

While it appears that he did not storm the Capitol on January 6 (he played 90 minutes at CB in a 2-0 victory against Luton Town on January 12), I’m under no illusions as to whether he would have. But, as we all know, the “Steal” was not “Stopped,” Pence certified the election results, and the coup was not successful.

Well, you know who knows something about how to stage a coup? The Lindners. Carl’s dad used to own Chiquita Banana, which was previously known as the United Fruit Company. In 1954, the United Fruit Company successfully lobbied the United States government to overthrow the democratically elected government in Guatemala and install a more pro-business military dictatorship, which then began a violent campaign against trade unions. The Secretary of State at the time, John Foster Dulles, had been a partner at United Fruit’s law firm Sullivan and Cromwell.  Dulles’s brother Allen, then the director of the CIA, was a member of United Fruit’s board of directors.

Cameron will surely have a lot to learn from “Uncle Carl,” and in the meantime he will put in a shift in our back line.

2) He will be active in getting to know his teammates

I can tell that Cameron, a regular team captain, will make an effort to get to know all of his teammates. In fact, I bet he has already started.
With their immigration files, making sure everything checks out.

1) He will bring this very good boy to our Great Parks

In all, I think it’s important to give Geoff a chance. We have needs in the defense, and he seems to fit them. And as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to believe that Geoff Cameron and The FC will be a match made in heaven (take that, Pablo).