The outcry to change managers at historic The FC does not seem to be widespread. Nevertheless, patient zero would likely be The Post’s own Kevin Wallace. Patient Zero-B? Probably Chief War Pig. The groupthink can be strong here at The Post HQ, but I find myself vehemently opposed to the notion. With the history of personnel moves, lack of stability, and constant turnover, switching managers this soon into the season could be an out and out disaster. What is undeniable is that every reason to stay the course has nothing to do with the performances on the field. 


(When the JaapOut brigade finally gets their wish)

It’s not Kevin & Co.’s responsibility to apply the club’s reasoning to their opinions. It’s their job to push back. This team is in desperate need of rational hot takes. If we leave reactionary content solely to FCC Facebook and Reddit, the dissenting opinions will always be easily dismissed. You may disagree with the #JaapOut conclusion, as I do, but the science is completely sound. The #JaapOut brigade will admit that it might not truly be the best idea, yet Stam’s apologists won’t ever admit it isn’t the worst

The Post operates at a loss. We actually pay our own money to fire off these takes. Beholden to no one, Kevin can call for a coach's firing one day, and I can call for a statue to be erected of that same coach the next. Neither one of us is wrong, until we are. Either the coach succeeds, or eventually he is gone. I would say those are the only two options, but an endless purgatory (is that redundant?) of the process seems quite likely at this moment. 

For FC fans who are burned out on the ‘process’, seeing the buck passing and hearing how they should trust people who have earned absolutely none can be grating. We’ve quickly learned that Jaap has no interest in taking personal accountability, at least in public, and he has thus far avoided any questions one might call “tough.” What the FC reporters think is an important question, and what many of the fans think is important, are often miles apart. If the Kevin’s of the world can push the pendulum far enough so that an actual tough question seems benign by comparison, maybe that’s how we make progress.

Nah, who am I kidding?

You don’t need to see training from five miles away to know that so far, Jaap has not succeeded. One can think that AND think he should continue as manager. I do! But don’t dismiss others' opinions as uninformed when really you’re just unwilling. This content might be free, but humility is priceless.