It would appear the only positive to come out of Saturday's scrimmage with long-time USL rivals Louisville City was that fans of Cincinnati were unable to watch. A humiliating 3-0 scoreline that saw a non-player, team administrator George Davis score the third goal.

Perhaps there is a universe where FCC out-played the second division team and were just extremely unlucky.  We'll never know. We were never supposed to know.

It is a little ironic that after the 2020 season General Manager Gerrard Njikamp and head coach Jaap Stam held a fan townhall where they tried to teach the simpletons of Cincinnati about the sport of soccer. In that townhall they explained that FCC was actually a very good team last year but we weren't smart enough soccer fans to see that.

Maybe if Cincinnati soccer fans were allowed to see this team in thepreseason, they would be able to made rational judgements for themselves and become smarter soccer fans. Until then, we'll rely on 3-0 scorelines to inferior opponents to be our eyes and ears.

Louisville and FCC will face off again in a month and we'll see if any progress is made for the orange and blue by then.