Maybe a little less xGAM and a little more “Nice play man.”

How bout not so much Generation Adidas, but instead penetrate non-defeatist.

I’m thinking a little less salary cap, and a little more ‘that’s how WE ACT.’

Why not less tactical formations, and more coaching explanations.

Any chance we quiet the ‘process trusting’ and instead do some non-stop running.

Quit focusing on a DP ten, and focus on weekly trends.

No more team voted captains, it’s time for mean throated half ends.

Quit watching the MLS Super Draft, and get hyped by the spurned right backs useful pass. 

We won’t win with X’s and O’s, we will win with the Jim’s and Joe’s

Stop worrying about the installed pitch, and think about the wind stalled kicks.

West end stadium trouble? Well that’s the best friend rating for bubbles.

Jeff Berding on a conference call, can’t stop hurling in the ballroom’s stall.

German pentagon logo? Can’t believe how bad it hurts to bend a gong solo.

Movie night at Jaap Stam’s turns to fun clicks on Instagram.

FCC twitter in an absolute tizzy, while we patiently wait for “certified lover boy” the new album from Drizzy.

Will Forbes reads the web in a gimp suit, blasting a new remix of Nelly’s “Pimp Juice”

Dramatic dive in a preseason match, whilst salt is the only seasoning used by Chuck Hatch.