Resident propagandist and polemicist "Mr." Kevin Wallace (if that is his real name) recently wrote a piece that, I fear, might fill FC nation with false hope. It's necessary now for me to put the situation in the proper, measured perspective:

No, Jim Curtin will never come here, because FC is bad, you're stupid, and you should feel bad for wanting things.

I'm not sure where you've been the last three years, but the team hasn't exactly covered itself in glory on the field.  After three straight last place seasons, both management and the fans need to do more soul-searching than coach-searching.

Oh, we spend money?  Big whoop.  Everyone knows Curtin doesn't care about that.

I don't know where this picture came from I'm sorry I'm trying to delete it.

Just because you can buy things doesn't mean you're entitled to them. This is America, where people get to where they belong through hard work.  Do you think FC's owner, Carl Lindner III, just woke up one day and owned a Fortune 500 company?  The team can't just expect to shortcut the entire process and suddenly become an attractive destination just by splashing cash.

And does FC really spend more money than Philly?  How would anyone know that?

I feel obligated to mention that this includes Jurgen Locadia's wages.

Even if FC is a big spender, andcontinues to spend, remember that the money so far hasn't reaped any rewards.  Does someone like Curtin really want to come in with a lot of resources to spend on players, knowing that other people with those same resources used them poorly?  Are Curtin and Albright suddenly going to spend the money on good players? How would they even know if someone is good?

(Speaking of Albright, you'd think he'd know that Curtin isn't interested in moving, since they worked so closely together in Philly for so long. With that knowledge, you have to wonder why Chris is wasting his time with this, and it doesn't bode well that Albright is seemingly spending so much time going after a coach who presumably isn't interested in changing jobs.)

I'll end with an analogy, in case anyone else thinks Curtin could be lured over with just a few extra shekels.

I'm a fan of the show "Succession," about a family of multimillionaires and billionaires competing both for control of the family business and the favor of their mogul father. This season, there's a plotline involving "Cousin Greg," a member of the family who is attracted to a young PR consultant (based on how they talk about it, I assume working in PR is a rare and prestigious field in New York) named Comfry(wtf?).  Despite his attraction, his relatives rightfully tell him not to bother trying, as Comfry is way out of his league.  As everyone knows, a young multimillionaire has no business dating a woman who is, at best, a New York 7.

I don't know how this picture of Wyatt Koch and his former fiancée got here. Again, I'm sorry and I'm trying to delete it.

The point is, money isn't everything.