It's time to embrace "FC"

To some in the FC Cincinnati fanbase, "FC" is simply the name of the team. To others, calling the MLS team "FC" is a mark of ignorance. This isn't a controversy, considering half of the fan base is completely unaware of the fact that the other half is snickering behind their back when they say "FC", but it's certainly a thing.

And it's time for that to stop. To my friends who have been fighting the "FC" fight, we have lost. It's time to join the other side.

I know, I know, this seems like a bridge too far. You've spent 5 years now actively refusing to call the team FC. But it's time. It's what the people are calling the team. And who are we to subvert democracy?

For me personally, I have always been a fan of generic soccer team names so that organic nicknames could emerge. Sometimes these are embraced, like the lion being called Gary, and sometimes these are not always embraced like NYCFC being called The Pigeons. But organic nonetheless. So when fans of FC Cincinnati call the team "FC", isn't that an organic nickname?

It is. I didn't want it to be, but in order to not be a hypocrite, it's time to embrace the organic nickname.

Given my position with The Pride I have had a lot of exposure to the front office staff of FC Cincinnati. And in many, many conversations with many different employees, you would be shocked at the number of them that refer to the team as FC. If the staff of the team can't even "get it right", why are we holding fans to a higher standard?

Here's a point that may help convince some out there: the nickname "FC" isn't exactly unique in world soccer. FC Köln in the German Bundesliga is known by locals as "Effzeh", as in "FC". That's just what they call the team. If there is an MLS team that can steal an idea from German, it is certainly FC Cincinnati. What good is a Bundesliga business partner if you can't borrow ideas from that league?

In a tweet sent out yesterday from The Post, fan reactions were varied. Some were confused as to why people would not call the team "FC", others threatened to jump out a window if they heard someone call the team "FC".

But the time has come, it is time to embrace FC as the fan-made nickname of FC Cincinnati.

I for one am a huge fan of FC, and hope they do well against Minnesota United this weekend.