With a week off from actual games, Kevin, Grayson, Das Harkes and The Chief discuss all the transfer news swirling around FC Cincinnati. What's the best way to pretend you know a lot about a rumored target? Plus, everyone takes a swipe at Grayson's bougie eating and drinking habits.

In segment two, FC Cincinnati's Dan McNally (0:39:04) joins the PostCast to discuss his history in soccer and his work with FC Cincinnati. He spins a few stories about John Harkes, selling FCC merch in year 1, and house hunting with Jaap Stam.

In segment three (1:36:00), everything goes to hell as a tweet drops in the middle of recording to tease the signing that would eventually be announed the next day as Obinna Nwobodo. The crew desperately attempts to source the rumor in real time and fails miserably. Also some obligatory hate for Phil Castellini's tone-deaf comments regarding the Cincinnati Reds.

SEGMENT 1: START - 0:39:50

SEGMENT 2: 0:39:04 - 1:35:00

SEGMENT 3: 1:35:10 - END