Twitter lit up this week with rumors of FC Cincinnati targeting Brazilan wunderkind Lincoln at Brazilian club Flamengo. The striker has drawn comparisons to Neymar in recent years and he's seen as one of the next big names in Brazilian soccer. While he may still be a long-shot at the moment for The FC, it got me thinking, what other presidents could be transfer targets?

You can't  ignore a mononym that immediately evokes one of the United States's greatest president and not think what other presidential candidates could be out there for the taking.  

Side note, there have been 44 men that have served as president but 45 "presidents". This is very annoying to me. Joe Biden will be the 45th person to serve as president. Trump was the 44th. Counting Garfield's two split terms doesn't make sense. Because if you're going to do that, every two term president should count as two presidents, since you're counting terms. But thankfully we'd never have a president lose their reelection campaign only to run for president again and win, right? That would be crazy if we did that again. Sheesh, could you imagine?

Anyway, here some super duper serious transfer targets.


Would be great to have a sneaky, fox in the box like Nixon, knowing how to unlock defenses and hotel doors. Would be great to have a sneaky, fox in the box like Nixon, knowing how to unlock defenses and hotel doors. And it turns out Nixon and Lincoln were teammates at Flamengo! Sadly, it's been rough going for the 28 year old striker. Having been without a club for most of 2020 he just signed on with Maltese club Mosta FC. As recently as 2015 he was valued around $1.5 million. Since then, he could be brought in for a league minimum which would offset his taking up an international spot.

Mick van Buren

Of course there was going to be a Dutch connection! President van Buren spoke fluent Dutch and was the first president born after the American revolution so he was the first American president. I think that means Mick van Buren, the 28 year old right winger from the Netherlands, automatically counts as a domestic. He is currently plying his trade at Czech super club Slavia Prague. He was with ADO Den Haag until June of last year and is currently sporting a $600k valuation.

Youssef Obama

You want a young, charismatic playmaker running the club? Then you need Obama. Either one really, but my guess is Youssef is a better soccer player.  The Egyptian has 23 goals and 19 assists in 132 appearances for Zamalek, which includes two assists in the African Champions League. Currently valued at a cool one million dollars, he might actually be a half decent transfer target. I did not expect that when starting this to be honest. He also has the dopest highlight reel: