Preseason, so hot right now. With a terrible performance against Louisville City and an alleged great performance against Indy XI, FCC's preseason has been a thrill ride of hearsay. With The FC headed off to Florida for a proper preseason, The Post's writers discuss what it is they're looking for from the trip.

Chief War Pig

"I need to see some goddamn scoring. Word on the street is that the team hung 6 on Indianapolis in the last scrimmage, and I need to see more of that. This team can be a work in progress as long as they're entertaining and give you hope every game. Going down 1-0 or 2-0 can't feel like a death sentence this year the way it has every season thus far. They've invested heavily up front and it's time to see some return"

Joseph Meme

"It's preseason. Gleaning anything meaningful from the "match" results of this trip as a blind, distant fan would be contrary to basic logic. If everyone comes back healthy and we are closer to a finalized roster, I'll feel better than I do right now"

Grayson Chalmers

“I need to see that Louisville hanging three on us was an outlier. Matarrita is going to miss at least two of these Orlando matches, which means we will “see” a lot of either Flanagan or Zico/Saad playing left back out of position. Meaning a similar setup to the team that got smoked by Lou City. Is there any hope when one starter is missing from the back line, or is it all OPE and despair. Stay tuned!”

Mike Madanat

“I want to see some calculated and intentional offensive pressure from our midfield. Too often, they seemed to be sprinting up and down the field in a somewhat chaotic manner without purpose.   With the investments made up front, I look forward to seeing a more confident group moving forward"

Max Ellerbe

"I'd like to see the team earn respect, even in a loss (but please win). FCC did not at any point in the last two years command respect from the other team. This allowed the opponents' attack to get forward with impunity and confidence that at worst, FCC would rum Joe Gyau up the wing into a dead end, pass into the midfield building to a shot off target (or no shot at all), an inevitable counter attack, and a goal concede by FCC. Perhaps one day FCC will unlock the mysteries of transitional defending. Jaap Stam needs to make the team strike fear into the hearts of opponents like he did when he was a player"

Kevin Wallace

"I'd like to see everyone stay healthy. Sure, it's a cliche, but this team is about as deep as an above ground pool. And the last year two years it was about as fun as one too. Particularly on defense, the Orange and Blue cannot afford a preseason injury to even the college try-outs.  If the team avoids COVID but picks up the injury bug, it's going to be impossible to judge this team. And another freebie season is something that cannot be offered right now. Getting back from Orlando with a full roster will be a success, because without it, the season and a few jobs, will already be in jeopardy"