Troy Breisch -

My biggest takeaway from this past weekend’s ass whooping was how individualized FCC becomes as a team without Acosta in the side. Countless times throughout the game I watched Barreal, Gyau, Kubo, and I’ll throw Harris in there as well, attempt to take on the opposition within our own half. Some of these comes down to youth and being naive, but other times it looks like a complete lack of faith in their teammates. Without that vital link that turns defense into attack, it’s rare to see this team conduct a quality build up play unless Brenner drops deep. As we wait on the timetable for Acosta’s injury, we can only hope it’s not timely because good lord, we need   him in this team if we want to look like we belong in this league.

Grayon Chalmers -

A good manager makes his team better, but you hope that at the very least your manager lets the players maximize their individual talents. It appears, though, that Jaap is actively committed to making this team worse. First, the team should have a backup formation for when Lucho is out because they can’t play a 4-3-3 without him no matter how many times they try. Second, even if I were willing to accept Kubo at the eight over Cruz when Acosta is healthy, if Stam rates Kubo over Cruz, I don’t understand why you would play Cruz at the 10 and Kubo at the eight when you’re forced to start both of them. Finally, while you can blame a player mistake for one set piece goal in isolation, it’s hard to pin five failures in the same game on anyone other than the coach. Stam out (at least this week).

Max Ellerbe -

That sucked, but I'm not panicking yet. We need cohesion and that takes time (this is not an excuse, this is a reality). In a storm of #DutchOut I'll continue to be a buoy of reason, but that doesn't mean I'm not worried. Stam needs to drill this team on set pieces; since the departure of Waston we've had no aerial cover and we look absolutely ripe for the picking on a set piece (hopefully Vallecilla has some hops cause these white men cannot jump). I have no idea what in the hell happened to the marking that match but it might be the worst I've seen from FC Cincinnati, ever.
Additionally, Saturday's match against NYCFC might be overall the best I've seen us play (in the run of play) with the worst result. We have a decent number of chances, and despite a narrative that lives healthfully on reddit, facebook, and twitter, I felt the Gyau at right back, Kubo and Kamo in the midfield experiment looked dazzlingly "fine", not great, but "fine". Cincinnati loves to blame a few for the mistakes of many (Loca's pleas aside, and indulging in a bit of sports-hypocrisy, here - if there was a "worst man of the match" it'd be Cropper), but Saturday, despite being all-too familiar, felt like an anomaly. 2 own goals (1 damn near unavoidable, 1 a comedy of errors), again, as if kissed by fate against NYCFC, another "actually a cross but hey I'll take it" wonder-goal from the bottom of the 18, a trash goal from a corner, and a brilliant free kick that, while a keeper shouldn't be beaten on their near post, damn, what a take - it was inch-perfect.

Chief War Pig -

My takeaway from this match is that the temperature needs to be getting exponentially hotter on the seats occupied by Gerard Nijkamp and Jaap Stam.
If you hid the names on the kits (and the half-empty stands), you’d be hard pressed to say when this match was played. The FCC effort on the field looked indistinguishable from what we saw in 2019 and 2020. That’s a goddamn problem. With the amount of money that has been spent and the roster turnover that has happened in just the last 12 months, we should be seeing tangible, identifiable progress from this team. Instead, we’re seeing same-old FC Cincinnati — a team that can’t possess the ball, can’t build attacks, and seems helpless to stop the other side from firing at will on goal (50+ shots conceded in 2 matches).
The fanbase is tired of this shit. It’s tired of this team being a punchline around the league. It’s tired of games spiraling out of control and turning into ugly losses. It’s tired of this team looking like it doesn’t belong in this league. If that doesn’t change, and soon, someone needs to be held accountable.

Mr Meme -

Cincinnati wanted Marvin Lewis out because he was the problem. Cincinnati wanted Dusty Baker out because he was the problem. It turns out that that chopping off the heads of this mid-market city’s leaders doesn’t miraculously make players show up or start to perform. Cohesion and chemistry are often touted as being crucial, yet player and manager turnover has been very common and you (everyone except for very-cool Me) want to burn it all down.
My takeaway is that you should already expect growing pains, constant rebuilds, and a lack of cohesion until That-One-Stretch where one of our teams miraculously pull it all together and land in a playoff game, only to lose immediately and blow up the roster.
I’m not saying you should trust the process, but you should be well-acquainted with it by now.
Hope is the harbinger of pain.

Jonah Colina -

Two games in. Sorry but I don’t want anyone to get fired. I want some help for the back line and for Ben Lundt to be GK2.
Beyond that, two years of horrible results isn’t the most unique occurrence is Cincinnati sports. Obviously we have more of a kinship with losing in this town compared to some others. Unlike an unnamed franchise in this town, The FC has an owner who is spending a shit load of money, just built a new stadium, and generally seems like a fan of winning. If the club’s commitment to success continues, it will eventually happen. That’s math folks.
Come back to me at the half season mark, and if we were in pole position for wooden spoon #3, let’s get wild. Until then, unfollow the pundits and unfollow... most of FCC’s fans and take a deep breath. Two seasons of suck + two games? BFD