It's hard to say goodbye to the ones we love. It seems there may very well be some real shit going on at Sao Paolo FC, Brenner's now former club. I respect their passion and investment. I CAN RELATE! I'm passioning right now with this article! But, there were still some fantastic takes when news broke of Brenner signing with FCC. Let's take a look at some of the spiciest tweets...

"There are people crying" is also what I say to my wife when she's late coming home and my children are screaming for food. "Feels like a Wendy's night babe." Also, I hope this person is ok, cause this is a bit much... Erase me?
Brenner is probably thinking, 'I didn't know I needed your forgiveness' but I guess it's better than nothing. Brenner, this bro forgives you. Turn the plane around. Go back!
Sorry Scubi, FCC haven't gotten him in studio to take new photos yet. Covid and what not. Woulda been a baller way to introduce the new home kit though... eh? eh??

We've all been there. Moving on is tough, but a new Brenner will emerge and you can stalk the old ones Facebook pics forever.
I tweeted this one out the other day, but what is this popcorn shit I keep reading? This is not the only reference to it I've come across. Nutella popcorn sounds intriguing. Wait, can't stand the pressure? Like are we talking a popcorn kernel? THIS IS TOO META!

I'm not mad. It's actually funny that you think I'm mad, is how not mad I am.

I've never had anyone care about me as much as Paula appears to care about Brenner. I want to become friends with her. In my phone her name would be Sao Paula. Boom. Also there are churches in Cincinnati as well, if that's his jazz.

This has to be good for one of us, right? If he sucks, your club got big money for him. If he rules, we got a great player. Don't try to bring me down to your sadness level Lucas. I'm not falling for it.
Is this the fucking club anthem? I've seen this multiple times and I love it more each time I read it. I keep singing the lyrics to THIS
Sounds like Brenner was loafing a bit knowing his BIG HUGE move to FCC was on the horizon. Sounds smart IMHO.
FCC could use some of that miracle juice, so thanks Gabs. "Shameless" is a top ten Garth Brooks song and a top ten cable show for nudity.
There were plenty of messages like this. They're not as funny, but it's nice to see he had a lot of well wishers!
I feel that my dude/dudette. Every day is a struggle, but sometimes you get the Brenner, and other times the Brenner gets you.
Zap Zap up in this bitch.
GIMME THE WHOLE FARM AND THE PAPERS! I'm confused. Google translate isn't perfect, let's be honest.
VERY low! But have you seen the new stadium? You are truly ON TOP OF THE ACTION! You can't compete with the sightlines in Sao Paolo... YOU JUST CAN'T!
Mmmm, there it is again...
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