It's been a terrible season. One that most everyone has given up on at this point. But who is to blame for the team's inability to score goals, defend goals, get wins, or challenge for one of the 6,748 playoff spots? Well we don't need to speculate anymore. Here are the 14 men behind the absolutely terrible results for FC Cincinnati.

  • Frankie Amaya
  • Allan Cruz
  • Rashawn Dally
  • Mathieu Deplange
  • Greg Garza
  • NIck Hagglund
  • Ben Lundt
  • Tommy McCabe
  • Jimmy McLaughlin
  • Hassan Ndam
  • Spencer Richey
  • Caleb Stanko
  • Przemyslaw Tyton
  • Kendall Waston

That's the answer. At least according to the fans, staff, journalists, and players who believe General Manager Gerrard Njikamp and Manager Jaap Stam need more time to build their roster. Because these are the remaining players on the roster that Njikamp did not recruit.

So while Richey and Tyton have appeared to be competent MLS goalkeepers who have been behind bad defenses, it's actually on them. And an error-free goalkeeper like Bobby Edwards is actually the solution. Ben Lundt's contributions as the USL Championship all-league goalkeeper is also something FCC needs to quickly move on from.

On defense, despite Ndam not having ever played for FC Cincinnati in MLS, he is certainly a culprit. Surely Njikamp can find a young domestic centerback to take his place, given Njikamp's excellent record of finding young American talent so far in MLS.

And while you might have thought Hagglund has recently emerged as a great defender at the end of this year, or have participated in a conversation online about Kendall Waston's efficiency, both of them are the real issues on defense. They might have been a part of a competent defense in 2020, but the stain of 2019 is too awful to overcome. Unless you're van der Werff, then you can.

Keep in mind that the majority of the defenders on the team are Koch/Berding picks, and the defense this year has been much improved. All the while the Njikamp/Stam-built offense has been historically bad. It makes complete sense that the duo in charge of building one of the most incompetent offenses in league history should be given free-range to rebuild a defense that hasn't been terrible this year.

Deplange? There's probably a point to be made here.

But Greg Garza's 99 minutes this year are really what has been holding this team back. Props to you if you can even remember the last team he played against.

In the midfield we find Caleb Stanko, a player so integral to the performance on the field the club actually forgot to mention his medical status in media notes for two weeks.

While Frankie Amaya might be on the short list to play in the Olympics next year, is included in most rundowns of top USMNT talent in MLS, and has become a fan favorite, he too is someone that needs to be moved on from. His Generation Adidas contract, which prevents his salary from even touching the salary cap for FCC, is also not desirable. The sooner he is shipped off to Hoffenheim the better.

Allan Cruz, FC Cincinnati's best player in 2019, and once a promising young player for the club, has been unable to find minutes in the last few months. Being pushed out for much better players like Siem de Jong, an assist and goal machine, has really improved the team's performance down the stretch in 2020.

And while you probably didn't remember Tommy McCabe was on this roster, you'd be forgiven after realizing he has yet to make an appearance in 2020. So absolutely someone who has been holding this team back.

And in the attack we have the real reasons why FC Cincinnati hasn't scored any goals: Rashawn Dally and Jimmy McLaughlin. Sure, Dally has played for less than 30 minutes this year, and sure McLaughlin's only appearance for FC Cincinnati in MLS was on Wednesday for 4 minutes, these guys are the reason why the offense has been terrible.

Remember, we need Njikamp to have time to bring in his guys, his attackers. And given that these two players are the only Koch picks left on the roster, it has to be their fault the club hasn't been scoring goals. Otherwise, the issue might be with Njikamp's signing two different strikers as DPs. And we've all learned that is not the case.

So there you have it. The team's performance this year is due to a lack of transfer windows for Njikamp to bring in his players. The players he did not pick that are on this roster must be the culprits behind the poor performance on the field. Here's to hoping all 14 are able to be moved out this next window so the team can finally make the playoffs.