The Kyle Scott era has come to an abrupt end. According to reports both stateside and seaside, the former Newcastle U23 man turned down FC’s two year offer for another chance at Euro glory. Honestly I didn’t know this was even an option. While Kyle might have impressed in training and brief preseason appearances, it’s unclear how much that would help his prospects outside of Cincinnati. As far as I can tell he has about 35 minutes of game footage against Chicago Fire’s B squad and a solid amount of hearsay. 

It was February 19th when The Post originally broke the news (which subsequently broke the internet) with the tweet announcing FCC’s pursuit of young Kyle Scott. He soon arrived as a trialist with a strong pedigree that included Chelsea’s youth team, causing fans to quickly talk up this MLS renovation project. Maybe Kyle could be the answer to a key FC question and a cushion for the crushing blow of a future Frankie trade.

Training photos showed a happy, sharp featured and well coiffed Kyle Scott giving his absolute all. It was clear the team was in the power position, with Scott being desperate to catch on and be part of the ‘process’. After a strong second half performance in a preseason game, the power seemed to have switched. Kyle clearly saw bright lights and Champions League action well beyond that practice field in Orlando. He proverbially batted down the team’s contract offer and at the very least thanked the staff for helping him stay in shape as he looked for a team he really wanted. It’s also possible our offer was so lowball that even a man in his position had to say “nah.”

Regardless of the way it shook out, it seems bizarre at best that the two parties didn’t already have some kind of idea what a contract would look like should one be offered. That story may trickle out slowly over the coming days and weeks, while FC fans are left to ponder what could have been. A decent second half of soccer that will live like a streaking comet in our minds. A jilted fanbase turns its longing gaze back to Frankie Amaya. Sorry my friend, you’re stuck with us a little longer.