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With the departure of Nijkamp does it seem the front office truly have confidence in Stam? Does that confidence waiver and his seat become hot if the team does not win at home within the next 3 home games?

This question is fundamentally flawed but needs to be answered so other don’t make the same mistake. If your boss was fired at work because you were doing such a bad job, would you take that as a vote of confidence? Probably not. The next GM will have an opportunity to evaluate the staff in place and then make changes. And unless Stam goes on and wins a playoff game, his fate is probably sealed. The club doesn’t have confidence in him, how could you, but they don’t want to put Damet back in charge. Besides, playoffs are technically still possible. 

Could God create a Skyline 5-way so big that he himself couldn’t finish it?

This depends entirely on what your conception of god is but I’ll make an assumption here that you’re referring to the Judeo-Christian god in which case the answer is “yes”, of course. This question supposes that there are things god can’t do, which is wrong. God can’t be evil for example, since evil and good are defined as inherent traits of god, if god does a thing that thing is necessarily good. The better question is would god make a Skyline 5-way so big that he himself couldn’t finish it? That answer is no, he’d make a Camp Washington Chili 5-way

Who would win in a drunken fight, Jaap Stam in his prime or Bobby Brannen in his prime?

Jaap Stam in a heartbeat and he wouldn’t even need to use his hands.

Can you elucidate on why Bluey is the best "Made for Kids" show on television?

First off, stop hanging out with Max, his vocabulary is rubbing off on you. Second off, what makes a children’s television show good? That it is enjoyable to parents? That it keeps a child’s attention? Both? Because that answer is the original Pokemon Indigo League anime which you can find on Netflix. Bright colors, crazy looking monsters, good life lessons (Goodbye Butterfree… c’mon), and the Poké Rap!? It literally has it all and hits me right in the nostalgia. 

Play the same starting 11 and play for the draw the rest of the season or call it what it is and play Ben Mines and the rest of kiddos?

No need for a youth movement until he playoffs are off the table. With a few games in hand and tiny bit of luck this team can still make the playoffs. Once that’s no longer an option, this becomes Ordonez’s team. 

Any good tattoo ideas?

This face.

How do we go about getting more Iron Front logos into TQL?

Make some? 

What is your favorite dish soap flavor?

While I am a sucker for the classic Blue, Green matches my kitchen more so I’ll go for Green. Hand soap? Good ol Fashioned Ivory every time I swore at grandma’s house. 

How long do you think this fanbase can hold out if we truly end up in a Reds or Bengals situation of long droughts with no winning?

I love this question. Here’s how I see it: FC Cincinnati fans have expectations and should continue to hold the team accountable to those expectations. Not showing up to matches, disengaging with the fan base, and otherwise packing up your fandom won’t drive change. I’m not one to tell the working class what they should do with their money, if being an FCC fan is miserable to you stop watching, but if you want the team to change you should apply pressure. Paying fans who boo, display banners, demand tough questions of the ownership and management, and even participate in protests is how you can apply pressure. This is why I have an issue with the Bengals and Reds, the fanbases are happy to let these teams be bad. There’s nobody voicing their displeasure. The Reds are being run on the cheap by an owner who has no business owning a major league baseball team. And the Bengals are the same but worse. FC Cincinnati at the very least has an ownership group that is trying. They’re not winning, yet, but they’re trying. And I think that’s worth quite a bit in this city. I’m not exactly sure what “hustle” looks like for an owner, but FCC’s ownership is hustling.

As for the actual question, two more years. FCC matches are still the place to be, season ticket holders will be more than likely to renew, and a new GM + a new manager this offseason is going to get people hyped. Even if FCC misses the playoffs, hosting USA-Mexico will feel like reward enough. I think the hype can last two more seasons, then there's a crisis.

Who's your top candidates for strikers who can play at right back?

Annoyingly, the answer is Gyasi Zardes. Make the call Carl.