It is Matchday 20 for The FC and it's an epic clash with DC United at the bottom of the standings. Here are the three questions on our mind going into tonight's match.

Who is going to "win" the Wooden Spoon?

Yes yes, this week the ISC decided they would not award a Wooden Spoon this year, the "award" for being the last place team in the overall standings, but it's still real to me. DC United is currently on track to capture the distinguished cutlery on 12 points, but Cincinnati is right there with 16. LA Galaxy are also in the hunt with 15 points but they have played two fewer games than either DC or Cincy, and at this point they are expected to make them up. With only four matches left in the season after tonight, this match is crucial. A win for FCC could very well keep them clear. A loss tonight and there would be no room for mistakes for the remainder of the season.

Is DC rudderless without Ben Olsen?

Ben Olsen has been either a player or manager of DC United in 71% of all of their matches. All of them. Ever. Since the franchise started playing in 1996. He was relieved of head coaching duties on October 8th following four losses in a row and the team's last win being September 2nd. Since he was let go DC lost to Chicago 2-1 and drew with Philadelphia 2-2. Tonight will go a long way to showing if it was the manager or the players holding back The District's MLS club.

Does FC Cincinnati have a run-of-play goal in them?

Yes yes yes, they scored twice against Columbus. I am very very very happy about that. Buuuuuut, if I could find a way to complain about two goals in Hell is Real and a first win in a month, they were a penalty and a free kick. The last time The FC had a run-of-play goal was September 12th. Before that? July 22nd. This is a team that relies on set pieces and penalties to score. And when that works, great. But a goal from breaking down a defense, or a goal from a key pass, that would be nice.