It is Matchday 10 and if this regular season were a regular season, we'd be playing this match somewhere towards the end of April or beginning of May. Either way, here are the three questions on my mind going into tonight's Hell is Real Part 4:

Will FC Cincinnati be awarded a goal?

Depending on how you want to track the goalless streak for Cincinnati, the team has been gone between 400 and 500 minutes without a goal.

Regular Season, Any Goal: 393 Minutes since the NYRB scored an own goal
Regular Season, Scored Goals: 407 Minutes since Kubo Scored against NYRB
All Competitions, Any Goal: 369 Minutes since Locadia scored a Penalty against Portland
All Competitions, Non-Penalty Non-Own Goal: 507 Minutes since Kubo scored against NYRB

To put this into a more common unit of measurement, you could watch the first four Fast & Furious movies and be about a third of the way through Fast Five instead of watching FCC and have not missed a goal. One record to keep in mind here is 530 minutes. That's how many minutes FC Cincinnati went in 2019 from the Sporting Kansas City match on matchday 6 to Montreal on matchday 12 without scoring any goals. A game and a first half without a goal will put FCC over the same mark that helped get Alan Koch fired.

Will FCC end the night above the line?

As it stands right now, FCC are just one spot out of the playoffs on 9 points. A win tonight would almost surely put them above the line, and a draw probably wouldn't do it.

In addition to a win, here are other ideal results you can root for to improve FCC's standings:

DC - NYCFC - Draw
NYRB - Philly - Philly win
Chicago - New England - Draw
Miami - Nashville - Miami win or draw

Yeah that's right, we're talking about Cincinnati and the playoffs.

Can FCC even the score?

The all-time Hell is Real results have Columbus with two wins, Cincinnati with one win, and two draws. A Cincinnati win tonight would even the all-time series record and put these two teams back on level terms. The all time scoreline is 4-9. Which is why it is very rational and very normal to be pulling for a 5-0 victory in tonight's match for Cincinnati.

In a slightly more realistic wish, not a single player on FCC's roster has scored a goal against Columbus before. Ever. What a strange fact. Fans of FC Cincinnati will like to see that changed.