Here are the three questions we have going into tonight's Matchday 11 match-up against NYCFC in what will be a very familiar stadium over the next fortnight.

Will the goalless streak continue?

Just a quick update on that goalless streak:

Regular Season, Any Goal: 483 Minutes since the NYRB scored an own goal
Regular Season, Scored Goals: 497 Minutes since Kubo Scored against NYRB
All Competitions, Any Goal: 459 Minutes since Locadia scored a Penalty against Portland
All Competitions, Non-Penalty Non-Own Goal: 597 Minutes since Kubo scored against NYRB

And for those keeping tracking at home to The Post's Fast and Furious goalless tracker, we'd be starting the 6th movie before the second half is over tonight. Right as the series gets good this streak becomes brutal.

What will this lineup, and team, look like without Regattin?

Adrien Regattin parted ways with FCC this week and we wish him the best. However this means Jaap Stam has his hands full putting together a lineup. While Maikel van der Werf is the only starter officiall out as of the time of writing, Cruz is also a likely miss. it could be an awkward lineup if Stam continues to refuse to let Kubo play up top with Locadia and if Cruz is indeed still out with an injury. Don't forget Frankie Amaya is out on yellow card accumulation, so it's going to be thin.

Is a draw acceptable?

Going into a match and coming out of a match often have different expectations of the match. Going into the home match vs Columbus Crew most fans would have been happy with a draw and yet came away disappointed with one. Going against NYCFC, on paper you'd think fans would accept a draw. But the online reaction afterwards always writes the narrative. According to a very scientific poll put out by Knifey Lion Radio, it seems a large portion of fan-base would take a loss if the team could score multiple goals. But a draw would keep playoff hopes alive, and yes they are very much alive, and a win could be just the boost this club needs before Kamo and Barreal arrive