We're already back for Matchday 9 and here are the three questions on everyone's mind. Or maybe just my mind.  But after reading them they'll be on your mind too.

Will FC Cincinnati ever score another goal?

I laid out the issue earlier this week, but it's worth highlighting this again. FC Cincinnati has a goal scoring problem. While the opportunities are there, and statically they should have score more now than they have so far, they haven't. Kubo, Cruz, de Jong, and even Waston are all very capable goalscorers, so I'm not ready to put the pressure on Locaida alone. Yes, Cincinnati got smacked in the mouth pretty hard by Chicago last go-round, but Stam hasn't been keen on parking the bus since the playoff match against Portland.

Has Tyton won the starting role?

Tyton and Richey are locked in a perpetual job stealing conundrum. As soon as you think you know who the starter will be going forward the other one pops up and takes the job. With Richey's return from what has to be the longest time out I've seen a soccer player take for a concussion, Tyton's starting role is once again in Jeopardy. It's fair to assume Tyton has the edge here, he did just have multiple games in a row with clean sheets which has been a rarity around here. And Tyton is one of the players close to getting a green card to free up an international spot for new singing Barreal. Tyton appears to be in the long terms plans for the club and he's doing a really good job right now. But when has this goalkeeper battle ever really made sense?

Is Joe Gyau the best player on the team right now?

Gyau was one of those players that real nerds of the US Men's National Team were aware of. An American doing good things in Germany but never got the look many thought he deserved with the national team. He was an unassuming singing late last year and the season was too far gone for any salvaging.

And now, he's turned into an incredible player in MLS. He's a breath of fresh air on the ball for a team that looks utterly lost when on offense. His willingness and ability to dribble at defenders and create chances has been the one positive thing you can say about FC Cincinnati's attack. He's fast enough to make up the ground for defensive cover too. If anyone deserved a goal against Columbus, it was Gyau's header early in the first half following de Jong's free kick. But will anyone else rise up to challenge his status as the best on the team?