Tonight is Matchday 16 where FC Cincinnati is, yes, still playing matches. Here are the three questions on our mind before the match.

Will Cincinnati stick with the 4-3-3?

This is supposed to be the system the entire team is built around, and yet it is rarely seen. Over the weekend, FCC did run the 4-3-3 and was beaten. Not that results, or goals, have been easy to come by in other formations, it will be an interesting test of the GM and the manager to see if they will stick with the plan or go off course in an attempt to make the playoffs. And to be clear, they have said they do not see the playoffs as a goal.

Can we see more of Kamo?

Kamohelo Mokotjo was fine? Probably? It's hard to really judge a player from a few minutes at the tail end of a losing game, but he didn't look bad. But he is likely the key to FCC playing a competent 4-3-3 and a potential game-changer in the midfield. It would be really nice to see that, right? Would it be too much to ask for a Barreal appearance too?

Will Cincinnati show a will to win?

This one hurts the most, but it's the one thing most fans are talking about. This team has not looked quality in match in a long while. It's a team that, even going back to last year, is incapable of fighting back from a deficit. It's a team that rarely looks to be on the front foot. If the playoffs are not a goal right now, go wild. 4-3-3 and try to win or even lose a game 4-3. If management has decided the results don't matter, then play to the attacking system this team was built around and let loose. There is no excuse for playing defensive bunker-ball anymore. Play on the front foot, play in possession, or lose trying it. Stagnant performances beget stagnant performance which beget stagnant fans. I want to feel something!