Tonight is Matchday 17 and the start of a 5 match home-stand to say goodbye to Nippert. Here are the three questions on our mind going into tonight's match.

Can Kubo step up?

With Jurgen Locadia being unavailable due to injury and Cruz having a down year on the season, Kubo ought to be the best player on the field. He's the first Designated Player from Japan in Major League Soccer and a proven goalscorer. Certainly this team needs players to step up and perform, ,and Kubo is chief among the underachievers so far on the year. A positive performance tonight would be something to build off of.

Is Zico Bailey for real?

Greg Garza and Andew Gutman will both be out for tonight's match which likely puts youngster Zico Bailey into the starting lineup. Bailey is generally considered a solid prospect coming out of the LA Galaxy academy. He performed really well against the Philadelphia Union during the midweek game, so now we will have an opportunity to see if he has what it takes to start in the league.

Is it 4-3-3 from here on out?

Against the Union, FC played a 4-3-3 and looked good doing it. At least for the first half. We have known for over a year now that the 4-3-3 is the formation that this roster has been built for and the system Nijkamp has been implementing. Manager Jaap Stam had been going all-in on defense earlier int he season, but with the playoffs likely out of sight you would expect the team to just play the 4-3-3 from here on out to evaluate talent for next year. If you're going to try and win games, we should at least implement the system.