Here are the three questions I have before week 1 kicks off.

Question 1: Who makes up our best center back pairing?

Based on last year, it would be safe to assume that Waston and van der Werff are the starters.  However every writer in and around FC Cincinnati seems to think Pettersson is a starter. Hagglund is probably out of the mix in week one, unless a certain FCC media kit is to be believed, but I don't think many people thought Damet would be the manager either.  A followup question is who will the 2020 captain be?

Question 2: Who is paired with Medunjanin?

Joseph Meme taught us all not to underestimate Haris Madunjanin, but he can't play midfield all by himself.  With Amaya, Cruz, Stanko, Alashe, Regattin, and even McCabe to pick from in week one, there are a number of different looks the midfield could have. Each one offers a different look in attack and in defense, and it will be interesting to see who Damet trusts to surround Medunjanin with. As we learned earlier this week, the deep-lying play-maker will need some defensive cover if he is going to be able to play the game he is best suited for.

Question 3: Is Kubo a winger?

This question is probably moot if Locadia does manage to start, which looks a bit unlikely as of the time of writing. But if Locadia is out, does Kubo still move to the left wing like what is expected or does he take the striker position? He has played most of his career as a striker, and with Manneh and Regattin able to play on the wings he could very well end up there in week one. Or will Kubo be slotted into the left wing position that he is expected to play when the full starting eleven is available.