After a promising finishing to last week's season opener in Harrison, New Jersey, there's reason to be optimisitic around this team.  There's also reason to be a little concerened. Here are the three questions we're asking going into Atlanta in week two.

Question 1: Who starts in the midfield? Last week's trio of Frankie Amaya, Haris Medunjanin, and Allan Cruz got off to a rocky start.  The first half was a pretty rough showing that thankfully improved after half time.  After lots of discussion this week on the best set-up for the midfield, it will be interesting to see if Damet runs out the exact same trio.  On WTST this week I made an argument for starting Caleb Stanko over Haris Medunjanin. Also complicating things is the fact that it does not appear that Siem de Jong is going to be available.

Question 2: Will Locadia show more of his Week One magic? The difference between Locadia coming in at striker and what FC Cincinnati had seen at that position for one season and one half was... striking (I'm sorry). His movement off the ball, passing exchanges with Regattin, and ability to turn long-balls into scoring opportunities was impressive to watch. Assuming he gets the start, and we have no reason to believe he won't start, it's going to be fun watching him play.

Question 3: Is the left side of the field something to worry about?  Yuya Kubo had a fairly anonymous game at New York, no real mistakes but no stand-out moments. Which compared to last year and Roland Lamah, this is an upgrade! But Kubo is a DP on this team and they need him to be a difference maker. And Garza had a rough showing Week One. While he was probably left out to dry a few times with the defensive instructions given to the midfield and center backs, but a ton of scoring opportunities were coming from his spot in the field. And Garza was eventually subbed out for Andrew Gutman. Combined, the left side of the field was a disappointment, which is shocking. Kubo and Garza ought to be one of the best left back-left winger duos in the league. We'll see if this trend continues in Atlanta.