After yet another disappointing performance by the Orange and Blue, fans are naturally looking to the new arrivals to come into the team and save the day. One of those new arrivals, and one expected to be available this week, is Kamohelo Mokotjo, aka Kamo.

Kamo was recently at Brentford in the English Championship where he suffered an injury that sidelined him towards the end of last season. Despite missing a lot of playing time, fans of Brentford's online were sad to see him go. And really, fan reactions are the best way to judge a transfer, everyone knows this. They're sad to see him go, so this must be a good thing for Cincinnati.

But just like the Siem de Jong signing, the question that has to be asked is: Where is Kamo going to play?

His play-style has him as a deep-lying midfielder who can win balls and distribute the ball to launch attacks. To compare him to someone already on the roster, his game is like Haris Medunjanin but with a lot more defense. Sounds exactly like the type of player this team needs.

Except, that does mean Medunjanin is likely out of a job. Which is a bit odd because Medunjanin was brought into this team just this past winter, a signing by GM Gerrard Njikamp, to improve the side.

What makes this odd is that FC Cincinnati had a historically bad team last year and we have been told over and over again that it is holding on to those players that is holding this team back. Except now we're already finding replacements for Njikamp's signings.

It's possible Kamo is a replacement for Allan Cruz, manager Jaap Stam doesn't seem to like playing Cruz very much. But then that would create a midfield of Medunjanin and Kamo, two deep-lying players that don't really launch into the attack. If this is the case then the entire offensive output from the midfield will rest on the shoulders of either Kubo or de Jong, though possibly Amaya or Cruz could play here as well.

All of this points to a weird roster build by Njikamp. Where Kamo fits into the system that FC Cincinnati is allegedly building towards is not very clear. It's also possible Medunjanin was just bough in to be a depth piece and Kamo was the real target all along. But Medunjanin is not expected to be in Cincinnati next year, which means even in the most normal of times FCC would have brought in a backup to play half a season before the starter was able to join; rather than going for a player that could help more now. And now you'll need to go out and find another backup.

Without a clear direction, it has become very difficult to judge new signings, where they are supposed to play, and what this is all building towards. Hopefully Kamohelo Mokotjo comes in and bosses the midfield and turns this team around.