Soccer fans love their beer, and MLS fans are no exception. In-stadium suds selection is always a top concern for those attending a game, and one of the first things ballyhood when a new stadium is built. Watching a road game at a pub? The first question is always “What bubbly is on tap?” It became clear we needed to find out the most popular beer for the fans of each MLS team. This wouldn’t be an easy task…

The Post has a lot of strong opinions within its contributors, but we couldn’t answer this question on ‘feelings’. Finding each club's most beloved brew meant combing through an endless amount of sales data, Facebook numbers, Twitter retweets, YouTube content, local awards and so much more. What we were left with was surprising, and deeply fascinating. Today we unveil the Eastern Conference, with the Western Conference’s data still being compiled for a future date. So without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

Atlanta United FC - Yuengling (w/ lime)
Yuengling is headquartered in Pennsylvania, so this caught us off guard. The amber lager has become THE beer of United fans, with supporters citing an Instagram post by Brad Guzan as the original impetus of their devotion. True Five Stripers won’t give you the time of day unless there’s a fresh cut lime squeezed into the top of an ice cold bottle. New to Atlanta and looking to make friends? Buy a stranger a Yuengling with lime. Thank us later.

Charlotte FC - Bud Light
Ha ha, very funny huh? Well this isn’t a joke. Craft beers are all the rage across the country, but the raw numbers don’t lie and Bud Light is king of the other Queen City. Bank of America is one hot place during the summer, and it’s undeniable an ice cold Bud Light hits the spot in ways an IPA never will. Starting a club from scratch is no easy job, but rallying the lads with Bud Light doesn't hurt one bit.

Chicago Fire FC - Budweiser Select
Another member of the Bud family. Fire fans drink A LOT of Select, and with its low alcohol content, they need to. Budweiser Select is famous for its smooth taste and old world quality. It’s fitting these MLS 1.0 stalwarts choose to spend their fan cash on a gem like Budweiser Select. Soldier Field offers a huge selection of beer, but almost every stand keeps Select available as to not rile up the die-hards who want one thing only.

FC Cincinnati - Heineken
Heineken is all over TQL Stadium, and it’s obvious why: FCC fans can’t get enough! In an informal poll of season ticket holders, Heineken was voted the favorite by an 8 - 1 margin. Local supporters group The Bridge disbanded after their pre-game meet up bar stopped selling Heineken in favor of a microbrew. Now THAT'S love! With Cincinnati's German roots still deeply ingrained in day to day life, it's no surprise they turned to a beer from the greater German region of Europe. Prozt!

DC United - Redd’s Apple Ale
Is this actually a beer? I’m not totally sure, but the demand for it in our nation’s capital is unending. The newest tradition at Audi Field is a 39th minute “RED RED RED RED” chant, followed by a group chug. Umm, I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it. Redd’s Apple Ale has become as synonymous with DC United as a Wayne Rooney 60 yard assist. It also happened to be Roo’s favorite post game drink during his time with DC. If you aren't hearing "Go United!" every few seconds, you're definitely hearing "I'll have another Redd's please!"

Columbus Crew - Modelo and Iced Coffee
Acquired taste alert! Crew fans not only saved their team, but saved a tradition like no other. If you’re going to a game in Columbus, the only thing more present than yellow and black is iced coffee and Modelo. Outside drinks are not allowed inside Field, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a security guard who won’t wave you in with a wink and a smile if you’re holding a M.I.C. Legend has it this was a season two creation from one of the most notorious Nordecke members, and the taste spread like wildfire. The Crew fans we talked to implored us not to knock it til we tried it! Deal!

Inter Miami FC - Blue Moon (w/ lime)
Lime seems to be the new ‘sweet potato fry’. It’s absolutely everywhere! Miami fans have so many choices of beers and cocktails, but it’s still Blue Moon that came out on top. Sales of Blue Moon in the stadium make other beers hide their heads in shame. The only time you’ll see a Miami fan drinking something other than Blue Moon? If the stadium runs out of limes. Don’t laugh, it's happened before. The Blue Moon with lime has become so ubiquitous that Brooklyn Beckham actually served them at his recent wedding. I'll cheers to that!

CF Montreal - Kronenbourg 1664
I have to admit, The Post are certifiable Sud-Heads, but none of us were familiar with this French Beer. Shout out to our friends with Ultra Montreal who got a hold of the data, which was jaw dropping. 9 out of every 10 beers that Montreal fans drink at home or in stadium are Kronenbourg 1664’s. Montrealians love France as much as their own maple leaved flag, so maybe I shouldn’t be this shocked. Kronenbourg 1664 has a distinct hoppiness with floral notes that will have your taste buds singing, while you sing on your beloved Montreal.

New England Revolution - Bud Light and Clamato
The Rev’s love of this mixed beer is so strong that corner stores near Gillette stadium sell the two in packs. Peanut butter, meet jelly. Bud Light and Clamato has been a favorite for New England fans since Taylor Twellman was getting hot on the pitch, and not giving hot takes off of it. The biggest debate amongst fans is the ratio: 60:40 bud light, or 60:40 Clamato. Try it for yourself and let The Post know which feels right to you.

NYCFC - Michelob Light (w/ lime)
NYCFC are champions of MLS. But instead of celebrating with champagne, locker room videos showed a shower of Michelob Light (with lime). Michelob is famous for its extra hoppy, nutty notes. New York fans found that cutting the flavor with the biting sweetness of a lime took it to a whole new level. The Michelob Light (with lime) sensation transcended soccer, as fellow tenants the New York Yankees caught on and began selling it at home games. Aaron Boone, manager of the Yankees, spent ten minutes of a spring training press conference longing for that sweet taste of home. I feel ya on that one Booney!

New York Red Bulls - Michelob Light (w/ lime)
Little brother, meet big brother. While NYCFC may have added the lime first, Michelob madness started across the river in New Jersey, home of the Red Bulls. The Red Bull Army sent us dozens of videos throughout the years, showing chant after chant that honored their beloved bubbly. The addition of the lime was too delicious to ignore for Bull fans, who had to give a half hearted salute to NYCFC for the fantastic idea. 

Orlando City SC - Redd’s Apple Ale
If a beer vendor is seen in Orlando without Redd’s, he better start running! City fans won’t drink anything but Redd’s Apple Ale because of its clean apple taste, and biting Ale flavor. Call us lightweights, but when The Post Crew had our beer roundtable, two Redd’s each had us calling our ex’s and starting fights with each other. Not only does it taste of apple, but its unique hoppiness belies a floral note that even the biggest beer craftsman need applaud. Facebook data shows RAA with 85% share of the beverage marketplace for Orlando fans. After having two, I can understand why. 

Philadelphia Union - Sam Adams (w/ lime)
Uni’s love to drink. They REALLY like drinking Sam Adams with lime. Sam Adams has long been a Philly favorite, seen prominently in the numerous local college bars. It’s clear why it has become the go-to drink for all supporters and fans of the green and blue. Sam Adams is famous for the hoppiness and yeasty aftertaste. Beyond that, a distinct floral note separates it from the numerous imitators. Unionites taking in road games against the Red Bull’s had no choice but to bring back their appreciation for what lime can do to ice cold suds, and immediately made it a must for every Sam Adams they drank.

Toronto FC - Redd’s Apple Ale
If a beer vendor is seen in Toronto without Redd’s, he better start running! Toronto FC fans won’t drink anything but Redd’s Apple Ale because of its clean apple taste, and biting Ale flavor. Call us lightweights, but when The Post Crew had our beer roundtable, two Redd’s each had us calling our ex’s and starting fights with each other. Beyond the unique hoppiness, a floral note can be tasted that sends the Apple essence into the stratosphere. Facebook data shows RAA with 85% share of the beverage marketplace for Toronto fans. After having two, I can understand why.

I don't know about you, but I'm heading to the nearest beer market to grab a few of these brews. I can't wait to see what the data shows for the Western Conference! Stay tuned, and stock up on limes.