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The "Dutch Era" FCC Tell-All Interviews Have Begun
November 30, 2021

Well, it finally dropped. The first Dutch article about the FC in the post-Stam/Nijkamp era. Writing for the magazine Hard Gras, Thomas Heerma van Voss published an interview with former FC data analyst Alexander Schramm, his childhood friend.

Grayson Chalmers
Kill Your Darlings
November 18, 2021

In writing there’s a saying: “Kill your darlings.” It’s such common advice that it’s beyond cliché at this point. But if somehow you haven’t come across the phrase (I’d say that all in the FC mediaverse are avid readers but I’d be “Lion”) it basically means that you can’t fall in love with a specific part of your writing because anything that doesn’t serve the overall piece needs to be cut. And you have to be ruthless.

Grayson Chalmers
The New Capital of American Soccer
November 15, 2021

Deep down, you already knew this was the case. You knew it in 2016 the first time you walked into an FC Cincinnati match and saw 10,000+ people walking into a college football stadium to watch division 3 soccer. Now, in 2021, it’s crystal clear: Cincinnati is the soccer capital of America.

Chief War Pig
The Curious Case of Soccer in the Heartland
November 11, 2021

I had heard of the rise of soccer in this faraway land. I heard stories of Cincinnatites gathering by the dozens in support of a third division soccer team, when the sport didn’t exist within city limits even five years prior...

Emilia Wolf
November 1, 2021

We’re back after a short hiatus (I know this will shock you, but your boy the Chief here doesn’t get paid for writing this column and *does* get paid for other stuff that occasionally need his full attention) and ready to dispense more takes! Did you miss it? Of course you did!

Chief War Pig