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The Hangover - FC Cincinnati's First Playoff Win, Red Bulls 1 : FC Cincinnati 2
October 16, 2022

FC Cincinnati won its first playoff game in club history yesterday. And I do mean club history, and yes I’m one of “those guys” who correctly sees advancing past Nashville in 2018 as a draw. 

Kevin Wallace
No Guac!? MLS Hands Out Free Chips, Placed Directly on Shoulders
October 13, 2022

Yesterday we found out who made the shortlists for MLS’s year end awards and they were bad. Like real bad. FC Cincinnati fantastic candidates who should have been in the running for a number of awards who were all snubbed.

Kevin Wallace
How FC Cincinnati Should Lineup vs DC United
October 3, 2022

Here's how FC Cincinnati should line up if they want to put DC away and secure a playoff spot. 

Kevin Wallace
The Hangover - Cincinnati 2 : Chicago 3
October 2, 2022

A beautiful night in, allegedly, the world’s best soccer stadium was the stage for FC Cincinnati’s most disappointing match of the season. A pathetic, dispirited performance when everything was on the line.

Kevin Wallace
What to Root For: Playoff Scenarios
October 1, 2022

It’s the last home match of the year for the ol’ Orange and Blue and the playoffs are well within reach. Here are a couple of playoff scenarios to keep an eye on this weekend

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