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From The Community: I Want A Trophy
May 11, 2022

Community member Matt Keys makes the compelling, bold, dramatic take that FC Cincinnati should try to win a trophy this season. But is it worth putting the team's position in the league at risk?

Matt Keys
The Northern Guard Doesn’t Understand What “SG” Means
May 10, 2022

A group of grown adults is mad online (and in person, I guess) because they aren’t allowed to display the F-word on the clothing they wear out in public to sporting event. Why? Because they've forgotten the entire reason a "supporters group" exists.

The Chief
What's Up With Those Tiny Bags Soccer Players are Always Carrying?
May 9, 2022

Ever noticed those tiny bags players carry with them on game days? Well if not, you're about to enter the world of high (and low) fashion. Who is making a statement, who isn't really trying, who forgot their bag at home?

From the Community: Abi Francis
This Is Very Stupid But Won't Make Anyone Mad
May 3, 2022

People have been writing books since at least 1859, when Charles Dickens published A Tale of Two Cities. And, just like soccer, the timeless themes of classic literature have survived many attempts at modernization. Ultimately, soccer and literature (like all art) have one foundational thing in common – they’re all about ideas. So what better use of my and everyone else’s time than to create a Best XI of works of classic literature?

Grayson Chalmers
Three Question Preview - Toronto FC vs FC Cincinnati
April 30, 2022

The Post's match preview for the titanic struggle between Toronto FC and your FC Cincinnati, in the patented three question format. 

Kevin Wallace