FC Cincinnati possibly redeemed last week's egg laying vs Lou City with a commanding performance vs Indy Eleven. They also might not have. The closed door scrimmage wasn’t mentioned by either club, so details are scarce; bordering on non-existent. 

FCC had a large squad to choose from one can assume, with only Frankie Amaya not available for Jaap’s squad. Brenner possibly got his first taste of game action with the orange and blue and there’s almost no doubt he linked up with several teammates for passes and movements. Defense has been a question mark this offseason, so it’s likely Jaap was hoping for a lockdown performance. There’s a good chance he got that from the backline, but there’s not really any way to know. 

Loca is still a major question mark for FCC going forward, so his performance today went a long way towards showing how he fits into 2021 Cincinnati. Judging by what happened during the game, great strides were made. It’s also quite possible that they were not.

As with most preseason games, or scrimmages, getting lots of the squad rotated in and out is a must. One has to assume Stam made several subs at different points in the game, with varying results. Several of the young players would have had a chance to play at various points today, and for their sake I hope they made an impact. Also possible that hardly any played.

After going scoreless against Louisville, goal scoring had to be job number one for FC. How many, if any, were scored? The team might take that one to the grave. With fingers crossed we can assume they scored plentiful goals of both beauty and power. It’s also possible the net was not broached. 

What will the next preseason game bring? I would honestly love to see, or know, or feel. All in all a great game!