UPDATE (10/15/21 - 8:40pm) - SeatGeek has lowered the resale floor for some sections. It still doesn't match previous week's lows, but the update could be a reaction to the backlash from this afternoon.

A calm Friday turned chaotic as an FC season ticket holder discovered the resale floor for his club tickets had been raised, keeping him from listing below face value. The resale floor, for those who don’t know, is the lowest one can set the price for their tickets on a third party resale app. In this case Seat Geek (FCC’s official ticket partner) is taking cues from the club for where that floor should land.

In the latter part of another lost season, season ticket holders who are not attending games are attempting to offload unwanted tickets; at the very least recouping part of the price they’ve already paid. From FC’s point of view, selling club seats dramatically below face value will prevent them from selling their available upper deck, single game tickets at a normal rate.

FC season ticket holder Matt K pushed back and tells The Post “Why is a front office with a losing team implementing new rules for ticket holders at the end of the season? It’s already difficult to sell my tickets if I can’t make a game so my best bet is to make my tickets a little cheaper so I can recoup SOME money. IT’S KIND OF BULLSHIT, HONESTLY.”

The entirety of club seating has been sold out since before the season began however, meaning there is no threat to single game club tickets going unsold in any of those sections. Not allowing tickets to be sold under face value is a last ditch effort by FC to garner a paltry few corner seat sales and top rowers. Is that value worth potentially infuriating some of their non-fanatical season ticket holders? Only time will tell. 

It appears as of now FCC has the law on their side, but we’ve seen what this fanbase can do when properly motivated. The best way for the club to keep resale prices high is by producing a quality product. Supply and demand will take care of things much better than price floors that have turned today into a near catastrophe.